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Fostering Isn’t What You Think It Is

Most of what people think of fostering isn’t the truth. Fostering isn’t about adopting orphans, it’s not a shortcut to building a family, and it’s not always long-term. Fostering is supporting families in transition, building up our communities, and reuniting families when possible. At Fostering Colorado, we are committed to debunking the myths of the foster care system and eliminating the silo effect through community, collaboration, shared resources, and education.

Moving Forward Together

Fostering Colorado (FC) is a statewide membership association of private child placement agencies licensed by the State of Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), formed with the objective of developing and enhancing foster and adoptive care throughout the state of Colorado to benefit the children served by the agencies.

With each program offered, FC aims to use collaboration and communication among the network of agencies to ensure that we are providing best practice and services.

FC represents a common goal within each membership agency to provide each child in foster care the highest level of care.

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